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This is the current list of weeks of vacation for the members; 2022 Vacation Weeks.pdf & 2022 Vacation Weeks.xlsx

This calendar only is for Union approved days, not days handled by CMC.
All Union PLD and SDV's are to be requested or cancelled through the numbers listed here for the time being


Remember to submit requests to this number in the following format;

(1) Your Name
(2) Pin Number
(3) Type of Day Requested (PLD/SDV)
(4) Specific Date or Dates

Requests that do not follow this format will be treated as if they were not received

Requests must not be more than 6 months to the day from the date requested.

Requests must not be less than 48 Hours in advance of the day being requested.

It is your responsibility to verify vacation information is correct in Cats.

This is not the official calendar for Union PLD/SDV's, the actual calendar is maintained by the Brother Currently in charge of these duties, which is being determined at the moment.
This calendar is updated as time permits, so it may not be current at all times. This is just to be used as a reference as to when days are already taken by another member.

Click Here to open the calendar in a new window.

Ical Link for those without a google account or different Calendar Program (Iphone, Outlook, etc).